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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Happenings at Sifton Bog

Sifton Bog (ESA), London, Ontario
Sunny, warm, 24 degrees, high of 27, feeling like 30. Walking at the beginning of the bog, the swamp is just mud now.  Nothing much around there.  At the actual bog pond, I noticed the pond lilies are finished.  I heard Green Frogs and Song Sparrows. 

Cluster of Cottongrass

Green Frog

Sifton Bog (Redmond's Pond)

This damselfly below was so tiny.  With the bright sun, the blue at the top of the abdomen caught my eye.  I really cropped this picture, so the colour is not good.  It looked blue at the head part, and the wings were clear.  

Damselfly sp.

The flower below was in the peat mat close to the pond.  This is the only one I saw and it was very small.

Small White Lady's Slipper




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