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Thursday, 21 February 2019

Findings at Fanshawe CA

Fanshawe Conservation Area, London, Ontario

I thought I would go to the Fanshawe Conservation Area today to try to find the Evening Grosbeak again.  No luck.

There were a nice variety of birds feeding around the start of the Tamarack Trail area.  Lots of Dark-eyed Juncos around about 35 or even more. 

White-throated Sparrow

It was nice to see the rare Fox Sparrow.

Fox Sparrow

Fox Sparrow

There were Blue Jays, a Red-bellied Woodpecker, Back-capped Chickadees, Northern Cardinals, White-throated Sparrows and heard a Common Crow.  At the dam, I saw the continuing 4 Greater Scaups and Canada Geese.

I saw the White-crowned Sparrow briefly.

Before going home, I dropped by the Killarney pond to see what was there.  Lots of Canada Geese, Mallards, an American Black Duck and the Canvasbacks.  I counted 7.  Most of the Canvasbacks were sleeping.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Brisk and Snowy at Springbank

Springbank Park - London, Ontario

The weather has been an issue this week with freezing rain yesterday, snow, and rain.  Today is snowsqualls, blowing snow, strong westerly winds, and feels like -14c.

I made a short trip to Springbank this morning.  I just saw a few people around....very quiet.

I was delighted to see a Ring-necked Duck.  A beautiful male.  He was swimming around with a large flock of Mallards.

I finally found the continuing Wood Duck that has been seen lately at Springbank.  A beautiful duck!

Mallard X American Black Duck (Hybrid)